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Laser Surgery TestimonialPeriocare, the office of Braden C. Seamons, DDS is the most technologically advanced periodontal practice in Hawaii. Our innovative approach includes state of the art Laser Surgery, an implant system with unequalled biologic compatibility and 21st century 3D Imaging. Additionally, we are now placing ceramic implants -- metal free implants.

These advances, combined with Braden C. Seamons, DDS' extensive experience, result in superior periodontal and implant therapy. We are proud to be the only periodontal practice on Oahu to be offering Laser Periodontal Surgery. This revolutionary approach to treatment, which we have been performing for over 5 years, offers exceptional results with minimal or no discomfort! Fear no longer need be a factor in obtaining periodontal care!

Dr. Braden Seamons is a periodontist with two locations in Hawaii, Honolulu and Kailua. He specializes in Periodontal Laser surgery, Laser Gum Surgery, and metal free dental implants.

Hygienist assigned very professional and courteous. Appreciate her expertise very much.
If you are like me it's amazing to be comfortable at a dentist's office and you can be too at Periocare.
Dr. Seamons staff, from the front desk to the dental assistant was very open and friendly and made me feel at home with my first visit to his office.
it turned out that i felt absolutely no pain, and DR Seamons completed the job in less than 30 minutes!
Great experience! Staff and Dr. Seamons are the best! Highly recommend them.